Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)
Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)
Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)
Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)
Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)
Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)

    Portable Diffuser - PDAP302 (Black)

    $58.20 $97.00

    Ideal for small spaces such as meeting rooms, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms and more.

    ◼️ Better Mood & Performance in Minutes
    Did you know that unpleasant smell environments can negatively affect YOUR mood, well-being and productivity? Surround yourself with scents that will inspire, excite and refreshen you with our unique fragrance oil diffuser - Perfect to be used at home, work, spas, kitchen, bathrooms or home office.

    ◼️ Amazing Fragrance in Every Corner
    The AromaPlan nebulizer technology uses dry vaporous microparticles that will evenly scent an environment. The AromaPlan diffuser system is very user-friendly, with automatic light control mode and whole day working version.

    ◼️ Mess Free
    Unlike other cheap essential oil diffusers that make a mess, leaving oily and wet residue around your room, our waterless scent diffuser is completely mess-free. AromaPlan innovative nebulizer allows you to relax and not waste any time cleaning. AromaPlan can also be easily plugged and played anywhere!

    ◼️ Natural & Safe
    AromaPlan is completely safe for PETS & KIDS so you can enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of our aromas without any of the worrying. Our scents are natural, vegan, and free of solvents and raw materials derived from petroleum.

    ◼️ High Efficiency & Technology
    Easy plug and play, with 4 intensity levels and automatic light control mode. Powerfully and evenly scent any environment in just minutes. Our diffusor essential oil machine is also ECONOMIC & EFFICIENT, spending less than .4ml per hour of use! MADE IN THE USA.

    ➔ Easy Installation.

    ➔ Safe for Kids & Pets

    ➔ No Residue.

    ➔ Four events to set.

    ➔ Touch screen,

    ➔ Atomizing core.

    ➔ Satisfaction Guaranteed!


    • Coverage: up to 250sf
    • Consumption: 0.085ml/h

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Cheryl F

    I love this thing!! I love essential oils but despise the little water based ones... they always seem to get moldy and gross. This one is just oils. The scent is controlled. I run it daily and keep a light mist going.

    Small but effective for diffusing oils!

    I like the fact it diffuses oil without water. My bedside right before bed and my car it works great!!

    Coverage: up to 250 Sq Ft.

    4 intensity levels


    No Residue

    No Flame

    Pets Friendly

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