Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

*If the promotion is still available, shipping will be free on that first order and during the subscription period. Note: promotion valid for a limited time or while stock lasts.

Do I need to meet a deadline at the AromaPlan Scents Club?

To remain in the AromaPlan Scents Club modality with the promotion of the scent, it is necessary to participate in the subscription of the AromaPlan essence monthly. In this way, you will receive an AromaPlan scent monthly, according to your payments.


Does AromaPlan use the same space scenting technology as major hotels and famous stores?

Yes, we have innovated and popularized a space scenting system that was, until recently, only available to major multinational corporations, now making it accessible to companies and homes, regardless of the size.


Which technology is used by AromaPlan to scent spaces?

Our innovative technology converts the liquid perfume into dry vaporous microparticles, creating a practically invisible mist that drifts evenly throughout any space. For example, when a candle burns, its perfume is stronger the closer you are to the candle. Our devices are different.
A space is scented evenly, regardless of where you are. Our devices are perfect for scenting any setting, controlling foul odors and improving the quality of indoor air in business and home environments.


Are AromaPlan scents synthetic or natural?

Our range of scents is one of the most natural and ecological currently available. All our products are manufactured in the United States of America using pure and natural raw materials, free of solvents, oil derivatives, and other potentially hazardous chemical compounds, such as propellants found in aerosol sprays. We comply with the strictest regulations and controls, resulting in high quality and safety.
Our innovations, just like our incontestable references, are based on sources that value durability, traceability, and safety in the supply of natural products.


What are the leading benefits of AromaPlan products?

AromaPlan fragrances eliminate that feeling of a “heavy atmosphere” as they feature elevated concentrations of essential oils and natural aromas that guarantee a fresh, natural, intense, and uniform scent in any setting where the products are used.


Is there an extra fee or charge to join the AromaPlan Scents Club?

There is no extra fee when acquiring the AromaPlan Scents Club. You are only going to pay for the scent subscription and your state's tax. All that already entitles you to receive a powerful AromaPlan scent at your address, which will be dispatched at most within 48 hours.


Who is eligible for this offer?

Whether you are new to AromaPlan or a longtime lover of our fragrances, you can sign up for our subscription plan as long as you are at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the U.S. with a shipping address in one of the 50 states from the United States. For District of Columbia or Puerto Rico, we are sorry, but we are not attending at the moment.


What if I change my mind after acquiring the AromaPlan Scents Club?

If you decide that the AromaPlan Scent's Plan is no longer for you, you can cancel it anytime by calling our Customer Service at + 1 321 710 9232. If you cancel your subscription within the first 14 days after receipt, you will return the product and pay only for the opened and used fragrance. The cost to return the scent will be on our own.

Is there a penalty if I cancel my AromaPlan Scents Club?

There is no penalty as it is a monthly subscription. To cancel your subscription plan, contact us at +1 321 710 9232


How long, on average, does a 176 ml/6 oz AromaPlan scent lasts?

The amount of fragrance you are hiring gives you exactly 176 hours of aromatization in the regular W30 P30 average.