Ambient aromatization: the secret to boost your sales

Ambient aromatization: the secret to boost your sales

In the retail and service market, where competition is fierce, standing out is essential to attract and retain customers.

In this scenario, ambient aromatization emerges as a powerful tool to create memorable experiences, attract consumers, and boost sales.

AromaPlan, a leader in the aromatization segment, offers innovative solutions capable of transforming your store or office into a unique and captivating space.

In this special article, we will explore the benefits of aromatization, supported by case studies and research.

Get ready to embark on a universe of sensations that will revolutionize your business. We wish you a pleasant reading!


Sensory Marketing

Olfactory marketing is an innovative approach that taps into the power of smell, one of the most potent senses linked to human emotions.

As highlighted by the esteemed Scent Marketing Institute, our sense of smell has the ability to evoke memories and emotions intensely and instantly.

By using scents as a strategic tool, businesses can forge deep emotional connections with their customers.

This is how sentimental memories will be awakened, which will subsequently generate positive sensations associated with the brand.

This approach doesn't merely confine itself to retail, but extends across various sectors such as hotels, clinics, gyms, corporate offices, and even homes.

After all, who wouldn't desire their workspace or dwelling to be perfumed, capable of providing well-being and making the experience even more enjoyable?


Home aromatization

The quest for a welcoming and relaxing environment is a top concern for homeowners in their residences.

Home aromatization is a growing trend aimed at creating an even more pleasant living space, adding well-being and comfort to everyday life.

Studies confirm that certain scents, like lavender and chamomile, have properties that make the environment cozier and calmer.

Moreover, selecting suitable fragrances enables the creation of an atmosphere that aligns with the residents' style and preferences.

Whether it's a fresh and citrusy aroma to bring energy and vitality to the house, or a softer, woodsy scent for moments of tranquility.

No matter your preference, AromaPlan provides the most suitable fragrance for the moment you need it.


The science behind success

Science has devoted itself to studying aromas and their impact on human behavior across various domains, such as psychology, neuroscience, and marketing.

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, scents influence our purchasing decisions and preferences for products and services.

Furthermore, it has also been identified that olfactory stimuli have the ability to affect emotions and memories, potentially influencing the perceived quality of a product.

Hence, the strategic use of scents in commercial establishments, such as shops and restaurants, can heighten the customers' sense of well-being.

This is just one of the techniques that will extend the customer's dwell time at the location and, consequently, boost sales.


Technology and innovation in aromatization

AromaPlan is a pioneer in developing advanced technologies for ambient aromatization.

Our aroma diffuser system is a true game-changer in the market, transforming liquid fragrance into dry vaporized microparticles.

These ultra-fine particles are virtually invisible, ensuring the scent is evenly distributed throughout large spaces.

This is one of the factors that make the olfactory experience even more immersive, whether you're a resident or just passing by.

AromaPlan's fragrances are meticulously chosen and curated by a team of professionals with years of expertise.

With options for every setting, from corporate offices to expansive homes, personalized experiences can be crafted to delight your customers.


Aromatization and emotional memory

The power of scents goes beyond just attracting customers, as they can forge emotional bonds with the brand.

When a person is exposed to a pleasant aroma in a specific location, that experience becomes etched in their memory, linked to that brand or environment.

Have you ever considered having a group of customers who will associate your brand with a specific smell? This is a potent strategy that works in theory and in practice.

This happens because this emotional memory can trigger the desire to return to the location, thereby boosting customer loyalty.

Imagine the feeling of walking into a store and being greeted by a unique, memorable scent that recalls moments of contentment and joy.

This is one of the secrets to making the customer experience unforgettable and transforming them into an advocate for your brand.


The success of aromatization in retail

Companies specializing in olfactory marketing have conducted case studies that prove the effectiveness of aromatization in enhancing the customer experience.

According to the Future Focus report, olfactory marketing can increase customer intent by up to 80%.

In terms of in-store dwell time, the study shows that consumers can spend 40% more time on the premises due to the scent.

And even if a store's aroma isn't a customer's favorite, if it's pleasant, the consumer tends to stay longer at the establishment.

This means that even if the customer isn't a fan of a specific scent, the strategic use of fragrances can positively influence their time spent in the location.


Commitment to sustainability

In addition to providing cutting-edge technology and exclusive fragrances, AromaPlan also places a strong emphasis on sustainability.

All of the company's products are developed based on sustainable practices, aiming to minimize environmental impact.

AromaPlan's aroma diffusers are designed to be highly efficient and economical, ensuring conscious energy consumption.

Furthermore, the fragrances used are formulated responsibly, respecting nature and utilizing ingredients that are safe for human health.

By choosing AromaPlan as your partner for aromatization, you will be contributing to environmental preservation and promoting a sustainable olfactory experience.



Ambient aromatization is a powerful and proven sensory marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

Through the sense of smell, it's possible to forge deep emotional connections, evoke sentimental memories, and provide positive sensations to consumers.

AromaPlan, with its innovative technology and exclusive fragrances, is the ideal company to transform your space into a memorable olfactory experience.

Whether in retail, offices, or homes, aromatization will bring benefits to both customers and the environment, making it more inviting, engaging, and welcoming.

Don't miss the opportunity to stand out in the market and secure customer loyalty through the power of ambient aromatization.

Browse our product catalog and discover how we can turn your business into a true sensory experience!

Let us enchant you with our fragrances and cutting-edge technology. The success of your business starts right here, with AromaPlan!