The Top Five Best-Selling AromaPlan Fragrances in 2023

The Top Five Best-Selling AromaPlan Fragrances in 2023

Unveiling the Most Desired Aromas Among Consumers

More than just pleasant mixtures of essences, fragrances play a fundamental role in the art of creating welcoming environments, filled with meaning and sensations.
In this world brimming with olfactory possibilities, the five best-selling essences at AromaPlan in 2023 emerge as true works of sensory art.
Now, discover the top fragrances:

5th Place: My Way
In 2023, My Way, from the Oriental olfactory family, stands out as a symbol of sophistication and ranks fifth in sales.
My Way starts its olfactory narrative with lively and stimulating top notes. The orange peel brings an effervescent, citrusy touch, immediately invigorating. Eucalyptus complements with its green freshness and a slightly spicy hint, evoking the feeling of a fresh breeze on a summer afternoon.
At the heart of the fragrance, cashmere presents itself with a soft, luxurious texture, evoking comfort and sophistication. White flowers add a layer of pure and delicate elegance, while the sprinkled cinnamon brings an exotic warmth, creating a perfect balance between luxury and coziness.
The base notes reveal the true depth of the fragrance. Vanilla, with its sweet and inviting character, intertwines with creamy amber, offering an invitation to stay a little longer."
My Way is an expression of individuality and style. With its blend of freshness, warmth, and sophistication, it is perfect for those who wish to express their uniqueness and be always remembered by their environment.

5th Place - My Way Fragrance


4th Place: Fresh & Clean
Rooted in the Floral olfactory family, Fresh & Clean took the fourth spot in 2023's best-sellers. This fragrance is a celebration of lightness and cleanliness, ideal for those wishing to encapsulate the feeling of a pure and fresh environment.
Fresh & Clean opens with top notes that are a true ode to vivacity. Orange and mandarin provide a fresh, effervescent citrus touch, while mango adds an exotic sweetness. It is perfect for awakening the senses.
At the heart of the fragrance, jasmine, with its intensity and seduction, joins heliotrope and lilac, creating a delicate and enveloping floral bouquet. These floral notes are known for their calming properties and olfactory beauty.
The base notes are where this fragrance reveals its depth and sophistication. Cedar and sandalwood, both with warm, woody characteristics, provide a solid and warm foundation. Violet, with its subtle and slightly sweet aroma, adds a final layer of elegance.
Fresh & Clean is a manifestation of freshness and purity. It's an invitation to a renewed and serene environment.

4th Place - Fresh & Clean


3rd Place: Baccarat Rouge
In the fascinating universe of fragrances, the third best-seller at AromaPlan is Baccarat Rouge. Classified in the Floral family, this fragrance is a celebration of sophistication and sensory complexity, perfect for those seeking a unique olfactory signature.
Baccarat Rouge begins its olfactory narrative with top notes where saffron, with its luxurious and slightly spicy character, takes center stage. Accompanied by bergamot, whose citrus freshness lights up the composition, and jasmine, with its unmistakable floral delicacy, the perfume immediately establishes its unique and memorable presence.
At the heart of the fragrance, amberwood stands out, providing a warm and enveloping sensation. Rosewater, with its romantic softness and purity, blends with ambergris, bringing a maritime dimension.
The base notes of Baccarat Rouge are a journey to the heart of the earth. Fir resin, with its woody and balsamic fragrance, joins patchouli. The sensation is like a walk through an enchanted forest. Cedar, with its clean and robust aroma, completes the base.
This fragrance is perfect for those who want to leave the environment with a strong and distinct floral scent.

3th Place - Baccarata Rouge


2nd Place: Dubai
Belonging to the Citrus Floral olfactory family, the Dubai fragrance occupies the second spot on this list. It's a celebration of elegance and freshness, ideal for those who appreciate aromas that combine the vivacity of citrus with the delicacy of flowers.
The top notes of Dubai feature an invigorating mix of grapefruit, lemon, and verbena, offering an energizing opening. White ginger adds a spicy and exotic touch, while cardamom and pepper introduce an intriguing dimension.
At the heart of the fragrance, we find the softness of freesia, the serenity of lavender, and the seductive charm of jasmine. Petitgrain, with its woody and yet citrus notes, joins geranium to create a complex floral bouquet, full of nuances and textures.
The base notes of Dubai are the culmination of its olfactory journey. Vetiver brings a sophisticated earthiness, while amber adds a warm and enveloping richness. Musk, finally, offers a sense of comfort, leaving a memorable and captivating impression.
Dubai is a statement of style and refinement. Perfect for those who wish to express a multifaceted environmental personality.

2th Place - Dubai


1st Place: Santal
In first place, the best-selling fragrance at AromaPlan is Santal, promising to take its admirers on a unique sensory journey.
Belonging to the Oriental olfactory family, Santal opens with top notes of orange peel and eucalyptus, creating a citrus explosion that energizes and refreshes. The orange peel brings a touch of joy and liveliness, while the eucalyptus offers a green freshness.
At the heart of Santal, we find the luxurious softness of cashmere, an aroma that evokes comfort and sophistication. White flowers add a touch of purity and elegance, while the sprinkled cinnamon brings a spiced warmth, creating a perfect balance between coziness and refinement.
Concluding the journey, the base notes of vanilla and creamy amber reveal the true depth of Santal. Vanilla, with its sweet and inviting aroma, harmoniously intertwines with creamy amber, providing a sense of warmth.
Santal is the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated and welcoming fragrance.

1th Place - Santal


In conclusion, these were the five best-selling fragrances of AromaPlan in 2023. Each one offers a unique experience, leaving a trail of everlasting memories.

Choose your fragrance now and allow yourself to embark on this unique olfactory journey, where each scent tells a special story.